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The Hippy Myth – Episode 007

It wasn’t so long ago a close friend said not to turn into a hippy as they were “weird”. Looking back now I actually feel sorry for that friend, that she was so wrapped up in consumerism that she saw love, compassion, living a chemical free, meat-free life and looking after my children in an instinctive way, weird. In fact, it was this reaction that led me to create the title “Knitting Yogurt in Prada Birkenstocks”, taking a step to own the insults given to parents who follow natural parenting and go against the mainstream norms.

2017 has been about reducing chemicals in our lives and 2018 leads us to think more about the planet we are leaving our children, (I’ve previously mentioned my concerns, )through reducing plastic, being vegan and starting a compost bin. I talk about how our family is focusing on sustainability in 2018. Clearly, turning more into a hippy by the day!

Mention in the podcast

Reduce Plastic, Watch the trailer for Plastics Ocean, Bulk shop

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