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Nature, Nurture Myth – Episode 008

A new year brings new goals and exciting new adventures. It’s most popular of the year for people to focus on setting goals of self-development and a great time to draw a line under the previous 12 months. With it though comes the return to reality, the change from the excitement of the break over the festival holidays back to the norm. This is not only for children but for parents too. it can be altogether very overwhelming.

Is how we deal with this though down to our own upbringing? Many parenting experts and psychologists suggest that our parent’s modeling leads to how we parent ourselves. Perhaps that leads us to ensure we follow a different path or maybe we follow the same one as them. Either way, from In Utero our parents make us who we are leading to conclude maybe it is both nature and nurture creating us.

In this week’s podcast, I talk about how I deal with my anxiety and where I get my support. What my anxiety causes and how I try to ensure that I don’t pass that on to my own children. Battling our own demons is equally as important to becoming a parent and parenting itself. Ultimately, until we can try to prevent the baggage from controlling us we have little control over how our past affects our children.

Mentioned in podcast :-
Laura Markham; Daniel Siegel; In Utero Film ; Victim versus owner – Steve Chandler
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