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In Conversation with Birth Photography – Episode 009

Is the UK ready for Birth Photography? Should it not be as important if not more important than having our wedding photos taken? We never get the day our children are born back. Do we, however, have to address what birth is first? For too long birth has been seen as something scary and not embraced, rather than documented as an emotional and natural event. When we learn to love birth will the idea of birth photography become more popular and successful?

In this episode, I speak to Hannah Palamara the founder of UK Professional birth Photographers about the movement towards more birth photography in the UK. Hannah is one of London’s leading birth photographers, she’s captured numerous births in London, Kent, and Sussex. She’s documented birth stories in hospitals, birth centers, and homes. Her goal is to tell your story as it unfolds…giving you tangible memories from one of the most important days of your life.

The art of Birth photography is a slowly growing movement across the globe and more recently in the United Kingdom. As more photographers enter into this genre there has been an ever-growing need for a community and platform for photographers to join together and be represented and supported. Along with this growth, a demand has developed for expectant parents, publications, and other birth professionals to find professional birth photographers who deliver an exceptional level of photography and service.

In birth, there are many moments that only happen once and in that moment a thousand memories are created. These occasions are there to look back on, filled with emotion that leaves a marked place in our hearts.

Photography, throughout time, has played an integral part in capturing those moments. It is expected to see a professional photographer at weddings, graduations, and of course that first school photo. Until recently, documenting birth has been excluded from that list. However, of all the moments in life, this is one you can guarantee is a one time only event.

As owner and founder of UKPBP, Hannah is continuing to invest in the community’s knowledge and growth. Hannah has had her work featured in publications all over the world and continues to help grow the industry in the UK.

Hannah’s Details

Hannah’s Website, UKPBP, Facebook for aspiring photographers, Birth becomes her training.

Photo was taken By Hannah Palamara, Honestly Feminine Photography


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