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The Village Myth – Episode 010

It takes a Village to raise a child! Yet times have changed from when you could rely on Granny and Mum passing down a bit of parenting knowledge, many of them have also lost their Village or were failed by the system. Gone are the days were Nan could look after the children next door. The Village that once raised a child is now rare.

As a society, we have moved further and further away from our immediate family. Studies, jobs, and travel now see us scattered to new corners of the World. If you are lucky you might have a local relative to pass on some gems and tips. The reality for most new mums is, however, that they are learning alone.

This is so evident in the increase in PND, failed breastfeeding and the shift to a more hospitalised birth. We have stopped the exchange of knowledge from generation to generation and mothers are being failed by the creation of this separated, “in it for ourselves” society. Women have raised Children for years and only in the last 40 years has it become increasingly harder to do.

This is where the power of social media really does come into its own. Offering mothers and new parents the chance to connect with someone going through the same experiences, learn some tricks and enable parents to trust in their instincts, social media has become a gateway to a virtual village.

Of course, real life exchanges are equally important and in today’s podcast, I talk about how I have now created my own strong and supportive village virtually and in real life. Despite my alternative approach to parenting, I have found my core support.

You never mind to be alone, reach out someone will catch you.

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