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The Role of the Mother Myth – Episode 011

So what is the role of the mother? Now being a stay at home mother I am surprised how often I get asked “when am I going back to work?”, “don’t I miss being at work?”, “don’t I want to do something more?”. Since when did raising two human beings mean so little? Since when was being a mother not a big enough job? Sadly the worst people for this are women themselves. Yes, sadly the most judgement in my experience have been women who see my role as being a mother somehow a danger to their own liberty, almost that that by being happy to be a stay home mother it diminishes anything feminist stand for.  But a real feminist celebrates the choice to do whatever women want, work inside or outside the house.

My job is to be a mother and it’s a job I love and am honoured to do. So why does society look down so much on women who choose to stay at home and look after their house and children? Men are applauded if they make the cultural change and become a stay at home dad. I even long for the 40’s where at least the role of the mother meant something. Why is this a surprise that our fellow friends see the role of a mother so worthless when society continues to reinforce this message? The message that you are a better member of society if you go to work and leave your children with someone else. Giving up your independence, a lifetime of career climbing for your wellbeing of your children seems to mean nothing.

So then it made me think of the bigger picture. We have spent so much time celebrating what women can do, this has now allowed the real inequality to carry on unnoticed. Things appear on the surface to better than ever for women! At least in the 40’s the opinion of women was honest, no one covered it up in the form of “look at all your equal rights, why are you complaining still?”

Is it so bad to be a woman? Why are women are expected to perform and look a certain way or risk being ostracised? Are we still suggesting women aren’t worth as much as men? even to young girls in their clothing. See my blog on this already. We need to be setting a better example for our children, we need to say being a woman and being a mother IS enough.

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