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The Free From Fad Myth – Episode 013

Free from products are appearing in waves at supermarkets now and as a mum to two children who suffer from allergies and a vegan myself, I couldn’t be happier.

However, more now than ever, I am seeing an increase of children with allergies but also trouble with parents actually getting a diagnosis. Not only that but people, tend to not believe you when you list off a host of allergens. I’m pretty lucky that I have some very supportive friends, but that isn’t to say I haven’t come across people ( including family) who seems to think the allergies are just to be “awkward” or for “attention”. Add to that the increase in people leading elimination diets for health reason other than allergies and it’s pretty hard to be taken seriously when you are out for food. Nothing is more exciting for the family when we hear about a gluten-free vegan menu!

I planned this podcast when I saw how a young boy in Blackpool had been affected after being given the wrong cheese, not knowing a few days later my daughter would fall foul to a similar incident and then after recording that my son would have his own reaction to something leaving him unable to open one eye.

Luckily there are some great support groups out there for children suffering with allergies and parents looking for guidance and sometimes just some hints on what you can eat that you thought you couldn’t.

Allergies are dangerous and scary and it is never any one place to be doubted. If you think your child might be suffering, check out facebook for support groups. Keep a detailed food diary of what you (if breastfeeding) and your child are eating and reactions. Always trust your instincts.

Reactions can be any number of things; ones that have affected us include, congestion ( super snotty), difficulties with breathing, swollen eyes, swollen throats, hives, rashes, eczema, changes to the consistency of poo ( running or hard or green), vomiting and changes to behaviour ( hyper and subdued) – Fun Times !

Resources to help with allergies

Accidental vegan – every day food free from dairy and eggs. Lucy’s Friendly food – Recipes designed for children with allergies, CMPA awareness, The Allergy Show – The best place to visit for new food ideas.

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