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In Conversation with Dr. Laura Markham – Episode 014

Dr. Laura Markham is (in my eyes) the Queen of Peaceful Parenting. I have been lucky enough to hear her talk in London several years ago, taken her 12 week course and read her two wonderful books. Calm parenting, Happy Kids and Calm Parenting, Happy Siblings. *side note in America these are know as Peaceful Parenting – rather than Calm parenting

I have been fortunate enough to speak to Dr. Laura, and we discuss all things peaceful parenting, where her own interested started, and if she intends to come back to the UK to talk ( lets stay tuned for that one ) amount other things. And of course how to parent peacefully!

The founding editor of, a website I must refer every one to at some point in time as it jammed pack of blogs and answered parenting concerns from birth to teens. Dr. Laura also serves as a parenting expert for many websites. She makes frequent TV and radio appearances and has been interviewed for hundreds of articles by publications as diverse as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Real Simple, Newsday, Men’s Health, Redbook and Parents Magazine. Over 130,000 parents subscribe to her weekly email.

Dr. Laura’s relationship-based parenting model has helped thousands of families across the U.S. and Canada find compassionate, common-sense solutions to everything from separation anxiety and sleep problems to sass talk and cell phones. She lives in Brooklyn, New York and has two terrific kids who are the biggest advocates for peaceful parenting. They’re now 22 and 26!

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