Alison Walsingham


“Everyone has an audience,” said a dear friend when I talked about my reluctance to start writing my book and therefore this blog.  It was with that single comment that pushed me to start recording my thoughts, ramblings and advice in written form.

What I say won’t be for everyone, some may unintentional be offended by the points I make. This is not a personal attack on mum’s and parenting, but just my values.

Some would just say I’m some crazy hippy parent, but really why is hippy such a derogatory word? I’ve had people say to me “well don’t be one of those, they are weird”  Yet whilst I admit I do enjoy a bit of patchouli now and then as well as many other hippyisms, I’m not quite ready to join a commune and leave the commercial world completely behind.

I’m not going to discuss what cereal my children ate, or even use my children primarily as the stories for my articles.  So yes, although I may be seen as some other “mummy blogger” for me this is another layer within parenting.

Hopefully, it will help and if not just make you think or offer an alternative perspective.