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One for the photo album!

So Breastfeeding huh? Right now that word created a feeling in you didn’t it? For some it’s a memory of feeding your child, maybe an idea of what feeding your child will be like, maybe you’re disappointed you couldn’t or actually maybe you just didn’t want to. If it’s the latter, I bare you no criticism, a choice is a…

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Do I need a Hero?

With the #metoo campaign, the light on gender differences is firmly switched on again. I have nothing to really say about the #metoo campaign that hasn’t already been said. However, as a parent to both a boy and a girl, I do wonder how their lives will play out differently, despite my best efforts to parent them the same. Within…

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As seen in the Matrix.

Having just spent some time watching BBC documentaries on the planet, I feel tears roll down my face. When as a human race did we go so wrong ? I struggle to understand how we see our species continuing, as we pursue a life so opposing to Mother Nature. My partner reminds me all to well of the matrix quote…

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Pitch it – Own it

So here’s the thing, I’m pitching my tent and it’s ok if you don’t belong to the same camp as me. I had a wonderful conversation with a friend (actually a child-free friend) and we were talking about parenting and different styles. Her comment stuck through “so you basically need to pick a side and stick to it” That was…

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