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The Respect Myth – Episode 005

How do we teach our children to respect their elders? Our children are the most vulnerable of society and yet somehow they become the most disrespected of the generations. If we want our children to respect us, aren’t we responsible for teaching them what respect is? Don’t we have to model it to be able to achieve that? Or is really…

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The Reception Years Myth Episode 003

Are children in reception years really playing too much? Ofsted seems to think they are. Should we really expect our 5 years to be able to read and write? or is it time we start looking at a more progressive model similar to the Scandinavians. Telegraphy article mentioned  Alfie Kohn reading suggestion  Ken Robinson YouTube  Intro:

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The Christmas Myth – Episode 002

Should we be present rather than buying presents? Is it right to tell our children Santa is real? Should the lead-up Christmas be all about bribes and threats? and do we need to remember how hard it really is for children at Christmas? Musing’s about the upcoming festive period. Kindest Elves Article mentioned by G.Monbiot Intro music

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The Selfish Mother Myth – Episode 001

Is there such a thing as the Selfish Mother – Or are we do we actually need our “me time”? A conversation about getting the right balance of “me time: so you can deal with those everyday stresses or parenting. IntroMusic:-